File irc-info

脚本使用类型: portrule
脚本所属分类: default, discovery, safe
脚本下载地址: http://nmap.org/svn/scripts/irc-info.nse

User Summary

Gathers information from an IRC server.

It uses STATS, LUSERS, and other queries to obtain this information.

Example Usage


nmap -sV -sC <target>

Script Output

6665/tcp open     irc
|  irc-info: Server: target.example.org
|  Version: hyperion-1.0.2b(381). target.example.org
|  Lservers/Lusers: 0/4204
|  Uptime: 106 days, 2:46:30
|  Source host: source.example.org
|_ Source ident: OK n=nmap


Author: Doug Hoyte

License: VER007 整理 http://www.ver007.com